Interview: Black Bonzo
Interview Black Bonzo: In July 2004 the band released their first album in the vein of the late 60's/70's progressive rock. Magnus Lindgren interview Feb 2005.
From left to right: Joachim Karlsson – guitar, Magnus Lundgren – vocals, Mike Israel – drums, Patrick Leandersson – bass and Nicklas Åhlund – keyboards


The Story behind the band Black Bonzo began years ago, coming out of the remnants of the psychedelic rock n´roll eight-piece group, Gypsy Sons Of Magic. The members whom now form Black Bonzo had a direction in mind that didn't suit the style and form of the previous band. Which led to their unavoidable demise, and the beginning of the new band.

As soon as Black Bonzo started rehearsing and writing new material, everyone was stunned, shocked and amazed how powerful the band was sounding. Soon, new sounds were added like the mellotron and piano with the organ as one of the base instrument in the hands of Nicklas. Giving a whole new depth to the music along with Mike's intensive drumming, the very thought through guitar works of Joakim, and Magnus’s personal and clever voice backed up by the firm and steady bass lines of Patrick .
With new songs rehearsed and with the sound of their minds, a couple of gigs were done and with huge positive response. By the summer of 2003 a record deal was landed with B & B Records, and during the winter 2003 the band started to work on their first album, leaving no detail behind...

In July 2004 the band released their first album in the vein of the late 60's/70's progressive rock with influences such as Uriah Heep, Queen, King Crimson and early Camel with lots of Mellotron and impressive hammond Organ work.

In October 2004 MTV used the song "Lady Of The Light" in promotional trailers for Cribs and The Chapelle Show.



2004 Lady Of The Light

The band released their first album 'Lady Of The Light' in July 2004. The album is in the vein of the late 60's early 70's rock with a blend of blues hard rock, progressive rock and psychedelic pop rock!

01. Lady Of The Light [7:03]
02. Brave Young Soldier [9:08]
03. These Are Days Of Sorrow [6:42]
04. New Day [4:13]
05. Fantasy World [6:45]
06. Freedom [3:20]
07. Sirens [4:53]
08. Jailbait [4:19]
09. Leave Your Burdens [4:03]
10. Where The River Meets The Sea [7:45]

  - What do you think about your debut album?
  'One of the best albums made.'

- Favourite Song(and why)?
  'All of them of course, we love them all in different ways.'

- Any anecdotes /special memories from the recording sessions?
  'When we recorded the intro for "Brave Young Soldier " we were all in the studio and banging on all kind of strange things. Then we slowed the speed down on the recording machine, and the result is on the record.'

The Concerts

Gypsy Sons Of Magic:

 - First Concert, where/when?
   'A concert in the north of Sweden called Norrans Popfest in 99', we actually won the contest.'

 - Which songs do you like performing live mostly and why?
   'I don't know, maybe "Break Of Day".'

 - Any anecdotes/speciell memories from your Concerts with Gypsy Sons Of Magic??
   'We got to play with the great Swedish band Soundtrack Of Our Lives as their support act.'

Black Bonzo:

 - First Concert, where/when?
   'In Umeå, up in the north of Sweden. The concert took place ca 2003. It's on the site somewhere.'

 - Which songs do you like performing live mostly and why?
   'We like to mix our concerts with heavy rock and some softer material, because we want the audience to both rock out and get a mind-opener.'

 - Any anecdotes/speciell memories from your Concerts with Black Bonzo?
   'We did a gig here in Skellefteå with the american band Bigelf, it's was really a fun gig but the afterparty was better.'

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