Interview: The Brew
Interview The Brew August 2011: The Brew is a UK Classic Power Rock Trio.


Jason Barwick and father/son team Tim and Kurtis Smith began playing together almost five years ago and have steadily expanded their audience through a series of successful tours and TV performances. The band has no defined hierarchy, and don't need one. Each member brings his own incredible asset to the musical experience, whether it's Jason's jaw-dropping guitar artistry, Kurt's explosive drums or Tim's majestic charisma, the band perform as one perfectly synchronised unit.

The Recordings with The Brew

2006 The Brew

01 - For You Pt.1 01:57
02 - Better Man 03:37
03 - New Day 02:59
04 - New Lands
05 - Chased To Ground 04:35
06 - The Prowler 03:39
07 - Maybe Next Time 03:48
08 - Dear Boy 04:35
09 - Talking To You 03:37
10 - Mermekes 06:10
11 - For You, Pt. 2

- Your debut album, feelings about it?
  errrr let the fans decide that one..

2007 Fate and Time E.P.

01 - Gypsy Queen 03:21
02 - Fate And Time 05:05
03 - Maybe Next Time 04:28
04 - Mermekes (Live) 12:01

- The story behind this release?
  We just wanted to put down a few songs we had at the time and use it as promo material we did it in 3 days.

2008 The Joker

01 - Postcode Hero 03:35
02 - Lies 04:38
03 - The Joker 03:48
04 - Dil Chahta Hai 01:22
05 - Hearts Desire 05:01
06 - Burt's Boogie 06:20
07 - Break Free 05:25
08 - 24 Hours (From Yesterday) 08:06

- In general what do you think about the album?
  Great memories, it really showed us what was possible with the band. It gave us enormous confidence.

- Favourite Songs(and why)?
  All of them, but The Joker and the hidden track which became an integural part of the current set, Ode to Eugene.

- Any anecdotes/special memories from the recording sessions?

  We took our Vespas to Belgium to sight see during the off time, I recall Kurt wrapping a very large Union Jack flag around himself with no clothes on underneath and taking off down the street on his vespa, the flag now flying behind him asit became undone. I think Mr Jack D had an iffluence on that night.

2009 A Million Dead Stars

01 - Every Gig Has A Neighbour 04:17
02 - Surrender It All 03:57
03 - Wrong Tunes 03:36
04 - Kam 08:31
05 - Monkey Train 02:14
06 - Just Another Night 05:44
07 - A Smile To Lift The Doubt 03:57
08 - Change In The Air 03:58
09 - Mav The Rave 04:25
10 - A Million Dead Stars - Intro 02:24
11 - A Million Dead Stars 08:06

- In general what do you think about the album?
  For the first time we had an album that was in our eyes a complete article. It put us on the map and was recieved with enthusiasm, I defined the band at that time and gave us an Identity. We were very pleased with it.

- Favourite Songs(and why)?
  All of them.

- Any anecdotes/special memories from the recording sessions?

  Long nights and no sleep we did the whole thing in 5 days.

2011 The Third Floor

01 - Sirens of War
02 - Six Dead
03 - Reached the Sky
04 - See You Once Again
05 - Master and the Puppeteer
06 - The Third Floor
07 - Piper of Greed
08 - Crimson Crystal Raindrops
09 - MHard Times
10 - Imogen Molly
11 - Let it Back

- Your upcoming album (August 26th), feelings about it?
  Very exciting, we have been working towards this for 7 years, after the last album we gained so much experience that it shows in the new songs.

- Favourite Songs(and why)?
  Time will tell, right now, "reacheed the Sky" which is going to be available for free download soon, Sirens of War, but as always, all of them!

- Any anecdotes/special memories from the recording sessions?

  Late nights and no sleep...did I say that already? Kurt playing football in the garden at the studio, falling and twisting his ankle on the third day, genius! Fortunately it was not serious!

Jason working into the early hours with his vocals, going places he didnt know he could find.

The Brew related questions

- How did you get together?

  Well Kurt is my son and we saw Jason playng in a local bar in our home town, we were blown away he was just 14 at the time! our guitarist of time had just left so we invited Json to join, he had heard of the band at that point as we were allready building quite a good reputation in our home town and he was keen to move away from the blues scene into more of the "rock" area, it was just great timing.

- Describe the sort of music!

  Classic rock with a modern twist, is there a catagory for that in the record shops?

- What is the meaning of the band's name, The Brew?

  Nothing other that originally we were called Stange Brew, but everyne used to say thing like were are going to see the brew tonight, so we just dropped the strange bit!

- First Concert,with The Brew, where/when?

  With Jason At a town close to grimsby in a bar, where we played to around 10 people including bar staff!

- Which songs do you like performing live mostly and why?

  All of them! every night is different!