Interview: Kamchatka
Interview Kamchatka March 2010: Kamchatka is a Swedish power rock trio.


Kamchatka features three amazing players in the form of Thomas Andersson on guitar & vocals, Roger Öjersson on bass & vocals and Tobias Strandvik on drums. The band work together as a whole musical unit combining guitar-melting solos, slicked-up pseudo-Hendrix grooves with an incredibly powerful tight rhythm section to create a sound that is pure, convincing and all their own. Hitting hard with a fantastic, hard driving, raw, blistering, all-out musical assault and sounding like they landed from 1973, Kamchatka have legitimately created an authentic, classic retro-70’s heavy guitar power trio vibe.

The Recordings with Kamchatka

2005 Kamchatka

01. Out Of My Way [3:10]
02. Seed [3:33]
03. NO [4:31]
04. Mnemosyne Waltz [4:32]
05. Mixed Emotions [5:35]
06. Wrong End [4:04]
07. Eggshell [3:42]
08. I Love Everybody [3:31]
09. Auto Mowdown [1:28]
10. Spacegirl Blues [3:18]
11. Sing Along Song [6:13]
12. Incognito [2:40]
13. Daddy Says [5:20]
14. Squirm [8:00]

The album was recorded by Nicholas Elgstrand and Kamchatka, mixed by Nicholas Elgstrand and Kamchatka at Shrimpmonkey studios and mastered by Bullen and Kamchatka at Mega Studios.
- Your debut album, feelings about it?
  This is the only one so far we've recorded in one go, over a couple of weeks, which was fun because then we really got a taste of and for each others isolation-induced insanity.

- Favourite Songs(and why)?
  All of them, because only together they form the full creation.

- Any anecdotes /special memories from the recording sessions?
  We have a hidden track on the first album where in the middle of the night Thomas and I took a couple of acoustic guitars and went out to this truck garage behind our studio with amazing cathedral like sound and started jamming around a theme of mine. That had a really nice tranquile feel to it.

2007 Volume II

01. Who Am I [4:51]
02. Breathe [4:07]
03. Terminus [5:16]
04. Withstand [6:38]
05. From Here [5:41]
06. Enemy Maker [4:28]
07. Heritage [7:05]
08. Sweet Relief [3:36]
09. Pogonophonics [4:41]
10. Feel [4:52]
11. Jigsaw [14:55]

The album was recorded by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka, mixed by Nicholas Elgstrand and Kamchatka and mastered by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka at Shrimpmonkey studios.
- In general what do you think about the album?
  This one was recorded on an old eight-track which was fun because it challenges one's resourcefulness. We're happy about it.

- Favourite Songs(and why)?
  All of them, because only together they form the full creation.

2009 Volume III

01. 681 [2:49]
02. Pathetic [5:41]
03. Astrobucks [4:25]
04. Look Over Your Shoulder [4:55]
05. See [4:51]
06. Wood [4:16]
07. Sorg [7:52]
08. Confessions [5:58]
09. Outnumbered [5:54]
10. Guess I'll Be Leaving [5:44]
11. Whipping Post [6:22]

The album was produced by Kamchatka, recorded and mixed by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka at Shrimpmonkey Studios, and mastered by Johan Eckerblad at Mintelligence Studios.
- Your Latest album feelings about it?
  This is the first one we produced all by ourselves. Kind of makes one proud.

- Favourite Songs(and why)?
  All of them, because only together they form the full creation.

Kamchatka related questions

- How did you get together?

  It all started out with a Jimi Henrix tribute concert 2001, where we played live together for the first time.
Things worked out so well we just though we had to make something of it.

- Describe the sort of music, influences!

  Coming from different backgrounds, we all bring different things to the table.
Thomas is the bluesman, Tobias is a metalhead striving towards jazz and I guess I bring a little bit of everything.

- What is the meaning of the band's name, KamchatkaPoluostrov Kamchatka?

  We were simply looking for a place that could represent what we sound like.
Almost instantly the Siberian peninsula Kamchatka came to mind, a wierd, fantasy-like piece of nature with vulcanoes, sulfur lakes, boilng mud pools, green hills with waterfalls and so on...

- First Concert,with Kamchatka, where/when?

  Scruffy Murphy's, in our hometown, spring 2002.

- Which songs do you like performing live mostly and why?

  New songs that hasn't been released yet, to get an honest first impression reaction from the audience.