Interview: Magic Pie
Interview Magic Pie: Interview: Kim Stenberg/Gilbert Marshall/Lars Petter Holstad/Jan Torkild Johansen/Eirik Hanssen/Allan Olsen - Oct 2005.
...emerging from a series of conversations, what was to become MAGIC PIE started to take shape some three years ago.
The members came from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, each one prevously playing in several bands and projects of different genres.

...Actually the band first started out playing covers along with a couple of own songs. After fooling around with the covers for a while, suggestions were made to cut them out and completely go for own songs. This proved to be a major turnpoint, and really set the band into workmode..., intentions was to create a “progressive” sound texture in the spirit of the `70´s, and to blend musical tendencies from both back then and from today´s “progressive” scene.
...MAGIC PIE feel fortunate with what could to be perfect timimg for releasing progressive rock, which at the moment seems to be heading for a full worldwide renaissance...
...the key factor and link between all members, is the mutual love for listening to bands and artists a little to the “side” of what have been the mainstream rock trend in both the `80´s & `90´s, and of coarse the fact that the great musical “revolution” of the `70´s is firmly seated within all as no less than a fantastic source of inspiration...
...PIE never set out to make songs sounding like this and that, and was never interested in trying to copy someone else´s style and signature. Instead we have tried to extract the different musical/instrumental influences buried inside each member.
...the newly released cd mirrors a wide spectre of styles, and although all the songs are a piece of the PIE, we all have come to the conclusion that CHANGE, closely backed up by themes in the next songs, today probably are the most representative as the framework for the future of the band, and probably also stands as the band´s true musical Motions Of Desire..
Discography - Motions Of Desire(2005)


With Motions of Desire, Norwegian progressive rock band Magic Pie has undoubtably come up with one of this years best albums. The music on offer here is deeply rooted in 70´s progressive rock with emphasis on songs rather than instrumental showmanship.
Don't be misguided into believing that the band are mediocre musicians because they are not. Guitarist Kim Stenberg and keyboardplayer/vocalist Gilbert Marshall impresses me immensely with their instrumental poweress as well as songwriting capabilities.
The songs are varied and contains soft, beautiful parts as well as some truly heavy and raw riffing. Magic Pie can be described as sounding like Flower Kings with Deep Purple overtones. Add to this a slight resemblance to Norwegian 70's prog band Ruphus.
Do yourself a favour, get hold of this CD and just enjoy!!
- By BigRedMachine



01. Change [20:04]
02. Motions Of Desire [6:34]
03. Full Circle Poetry [14:13]
04. Without Knowing Why [07:55]
05. Illusion & Reality (part 1) [10:14]
06. Illusion & Reality (part 3) - Final Breath [04:46]
07. Illusion & Reality (part 4)- Reprise [03:09]
08. Dream Vision [07:47]
- What do you think about your debut album?
  Kim: I’m really proud of the album; I really think it has some strong moments.
We recorded the whole album on a Roland home studio!
At first, the album were intended as a demo for getting a label interested, but halfway in the process we decided to make it an “official” record.
This is why the sound quality isn’t top notch, as we used really cheap microphones and the early basic recordings as the drums, were done pretty fast, not paying much attention to the actual sound quality.

- Favourite Song(and why)?
  Kim: Change is probably my favourite song from the album. This was the last one I wrote and probably shows were I am today as a composer…

- Any special memories from the recording sessions?
  Kim: A lot of hard work! Since I did most of the engineering, mixing and the cover art by myself it took plenty of hours, days, months… The actual mixing was the hardest part, especially because of the crappy microphones we had been using.


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