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Interview Plankton: PLANKTON is an instrumental 5-piece band out of Stockholm, Sweden. Plankton interview Nov 2005
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PLANKTON is an instrumental 5-piece band out of Stockholm, Sweden. The band was formed in 1998 by guitar players Christian and Emil, who at the time were playing in various bands around the Stockholm area. They´d known each other for a few years and were both heavily influenced by the music of the sixties and seventies. They usually got together over a cup of tea and listened to the music of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, Mahogany Rush, Electric Sun, Jan Johansson, Mountain, Deep Purple, Jojje Wadenius, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, Cream and other bands and artists from that era.

On a rainy day they decided to put a band together and some time later they hooked up with Lars, Sebastian and Tomas and started jammin´ and recording. These recordings were sent to Joe Romagnola at Grooveyard Records by Janne Stark who had recieved a copy from Sören Dahlgren, a close friend to the band. Joe Romagnola liked what he heard and Plankton was signed to the Grooveyard label.

...the music of Plankton is based on a variety of influences that the five members grew up with. You´ll find blends of everything from The Jimi Hendrix Experience to traditional Swedish folk music, from The Beatles to The Rutles, from Deep Purple to Swedish fairy-tales, from The Shadows to Monty Python´s Flying Circus and of course the legendary Elephantman...



The PLANKTON debute album contains 12 songs. Enjoy a 1 hour trip through a sonic landscape full of strats, Marshalls and weird stompboxes, backed up with a groovy rhythm section that you won´t find anywhere else!

Plankton - Plankton
  1. 01. Vårlevitation
  2. 02. Pickadoll
  3. 03. Monsoon
  4. 04. Elephantman
  5. 05. I´m Not An Animal
  6. 06. Jorm
  7. 07. Zeitgeist
  8. 08. Groovedawg
  9. 09. Take Five
  10. 10. Humble Colossus
  11. 11. Living Room Jam
  12. 12. Universal Walkabout

- What do you think about your debut album?
  It´s a great first album – we had a bunch of musical ideas and we had just put the band together so we didn´t really know what to expect. All we knew was that we wanted it to sound as live as possible, and the album does sound kind of spontaneous. We rehearsed a couple of times and then recorded the majority of the songs in just a few days.

- Favourite Song(and why)?
  Christian: I like them all but I if I have to choose one I´d say “Jorm” because I really like the melody.

  Emil: “Jorm” is one of my favourites too, but there are a few others that I dig as well, “Pickadoll”, “Monsoon”, “I´m Not An Animal”...

- Any special memories from the recording sessions?
  Emil: I have a clear memory of when we put down the last guitars for “Universal Walkabout”, it was late at night and we had lit a couple of candles which really set the mood for this kind of dreamy song.

  Christian: We decided that we were going to record the album without spending too much money so we borrowed all the microphones and the recording equipment and set up the “studio” in my mom´s house outside of Stockholm. We had a lot of fun while recording and since it was the place where I was born and raised this album has a special place in my heart.

Humble Colossus(2004)

The second album, "Humble Colossus", by Plankton was released 2004..

Plankton - Humble Colossus
  1. 01. What´s Your Favourite Colour?
  2. 02. Bulleribock
  3. 03. Fleetwood
  4. 04. Elephantman
  5. 05. Visa Från Utanmyra
  6. 06. Kebnekaise
  7. 07. Agent Orange
  8. 08. Out Of The Sun
  9. 09. Yestermorrow
  10. 10. You Are My Friend
  11. 11. Thousand Lakes

- What do you think about your album, "Humble Colossus"?
  It´s our second album and it pretty much represents where we were at the time musically. We wanted to make an album with great songs that you´d be able to listen to all the way through. We spent more time with the songwriting than on the first album, and we had to work harder to come up with enough songs this time

- Favourite Song(and why)?
  Christian: Again I like them all but I if I have to choose one I´d say “Bulleribock”.

  Emil: “Kebnekaise” is one of my favourites, it´s a song I never get tired of playing.

- Any special memories from the recording sessions?
  Emil: When we record we always have a very tight schedule, there´s seldom room for anything but the actual playing, so I don´t really recall much from these sessions except doing takes and changing strings on my guitars a zillion times...

  Christian: Humble Colossus was also recorded at my mom´s house, but this time her new home in the same neighbourhood. We like to record in a home environment!

Plankton 3 (2006)

A new album, "Plankton 3", will be released in June 2006..

Plankton - 3
  1. 01. The Telltale Heart
  2. 02. Stockholm
  3. 03. Cosmic Bridge
  4. 04. Holy Cow
  5. 05. Sea of Tranquility
  6. 06. Have You Ever..?
  7. 07. Anecdotes of an Aquanaut
  8. 08. 1970
  9. 09. Dvargfeber
  10. 10. Evolution at Work

- A new album, "Plankton 3", will be released in June 2006, feelings about it
  Emil: “Plankton 3” is the most interesting Plankton album so far! We are really pleased with the songs and the sound, and the whole process of writing and rehearsing has been nothing but positive and uplifting. One other great thing about this album is that the cover art is made by the legendary artist Hans Arnold, who is probably most known here in Sweden for his horror drawings. We all grew up with his pictures in books, magazines and on record sleeves (Abba´s “Greatest hits” being one) and it´s a true honor to have his art on our album!

- Favourite Song(and why)?
  Emil: I dig each and every song on this album, but if I have to mention one I´d say “The Cosmic Bridge” which is based on an idea that Tomas came up with. We often work like that by the way – one of us have an idea that we work on together and try to develop into a decent song. But sometimes we just jam and improvise, lots of ideas tend to show up that way too... Either way, the end result is always a band effort.

- Any special memories from the recording sessions?
  Emil: We recorded most of the guitars during the summer and the control room was like an oven. Both me and Christian had stratocaster-shaped stains of sweat on the fronts of our t-shirts during whole this period... Another great thing that happened was that Wishbone Ash, one of our favourite bands, turned out to dig Plankton and they wanted us to contribute with a song to their 35:th anniversary album, which we happily did! We recorded a version of F.U.B.B. (from their album “There´s The Rub”) which can be heard on the tribute album “Wishbone Ish”. (Check out for more info!)

Plankton Live

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