Timeline - 1972 : The year of Glam Rock!
1972: The year of Glam Rock!

The year of Glam Rock!

T. Rex continued their success from 1971 and had their single "Telegram Sam" on the singles chart and their album, "Electric Warrior" charted the album lists and later that year their album "Bolan's Boogie" was at number one in the album charts.

Lou Reed had quit The Velvet Underground and was in London to record his first solo album and was hanging out with David Bowie who was the New Shining Star, his album "The Man Who Sold The World" had sold 50,000 copies in the States and in June Bowie relased his Masterpiece "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars". In June was another great album released, the Roxy Music 's debut album, the band was getting attention in the Melody Maker which probably helped them on their way to "Stardome", but the GREATEST album of them all to be releaed in June was, Captain Beyond's debut album: "Captain Beyond"!!

German Kraut Rock was on the move with bands like: Amon Duul II, Can, Embryo, Lucifer's Friend, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Guru Gur and others.

The Rolling Stones double album was reviewed in Melody Maker, " The Stones: Quite Simply, The Best", the band toured with their biggest tour in the USA and the album was in the number one position in the USA album charts.

In December the Who released their Rock Opera "Tommy", both as film and record, it became a hugh hit and Lou Reed released his first solo album "Transfomer", the Year of Glam Rock was completed!

Yes release release : "Fragile" the first album with keyboard hotshot Rick Wakeman. It beacame a top ten hit on both sides of the Atlantic.
Deep Purple and Uriah Heep tours America together.
Blue Oyster Cult release their debut album. Although it contains some monsters like "City's On flame" better things followed later.
Neil Young release : "Harvest" and it becomes his biggest commercial success.
The posthumous album "Hendrix in the West" is put out.
Groundhogs goes into the studio to record "Who Will Save The World"
Kevin Ayers release the amasingly titled "Whatevershebringswesing" album.
Strawbs release: "Grave New World". It reaches No 11 in the UK album charts..
Feb 8 - Royal Albert Hall(London) Frank Zappa's concert is canceled due to Zappa's obscene lyrics
Italian progressive rock band Premiata Forneria Marconi release their debut album "Storia Di Minuto"..
Feb 13 - Led Zeppelin concert in Singapore is cancelled because of their long hair , the government officials won't let them off the airplane.
Flash feauturing former Yes gutarist Peter Banks as well as keyboardist Tony Kaye release their debut album "Flash"..
Humble Pie release: "Smokin"..
Feb 17 - Pink Floyd debuts "The Dark Side of the Moon", a year before the song was released, during a performance at London's Rainbow Theater.
Captain Beefheart release: "The Spotlight Kid". .
Tangerine Dream the German kraut rockers release : "Zeit" .
Savoy Brown release: "Hellbound Train". .
Nick Drake release: "Pink Moon". .
Can release: "Tago Mago".
Despite the "disasterous" recording conditions "Machine Head" by Deep Purple is released. The album becomes a massive hit all over the world and is considered one of the most classic hard rock albums of all time.
Todd Rundgren release: "Something/Anything".
Stevie Wonder release: "Music of My Mind".
Bloodrock release their fourth album, "Bloodrock USA". Cream release their second live album : "Live Cream, Vol 2".
Bonzo Dog Band release: "Let's Make Up And Be Friendly".
On April 3, 500 000 people attended the Mar Y Sol festival in Puero Rico where they could watch bands like Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Allman Brothers, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Fleetwood Mac and Faces.
Caravan release : "Waterloo Lily".
On April 7, Welsh rock band Man record the album "Live At The Padget Rooms Penarth".
Ian Anderson was not satisfied with the critics refering to "Aqualung" as a concept album and just to prove his point Jethro Tull released a "true" concept album "Thick as a Brick".
Wishbone Ash release : "Argus", their biggest succes to date. In fact it reached numer 3 in the British album charts. Remarkably enough in a year when so many classic albums was released it received an award for best album of the year in both "Melody Maker" and "Sounds".
Procul Harum release : "Live", feuturing the Edmonton Symhony Orchestra.
Cactus records "Ot ´n´sweaty"
Jeff Beck release : "Jeff Beck Group".
J Giles Band records two gigs On Apr 21-22 for their classic "Live - Full House" album.
King Crimson release: "Earthbound".
Germanys Amon Duul 2 release: "Carnival In Babylon" and Popol Vuh release: "In Den Garten Pharaos".
Pyschedelic rockers Quicksilver Messenger Service release "Comin´ Thru", but the band breaks up shortly afterwards.
Uriah Heep release : Demons And Wizards, considered by many to be their finest hour. The single "Easy Living" was taken from this album and becomes a big hit everywhere but in heir homeland England.
In second of May the lead guitarist Les Harvey(Stone the Crows) is electrocuted on stage when touching a poorly connected microphone during a show in Wales. He dies in a hospital a few hours later, 25 years old.
Rolling Stones release: "Exile On Main Street".
Om May 14 Rory Gallagher release yet another live album "Live in Europe".
Elton John release: "Honky Chateau".
On May 22 Guess Who records a show in Seattle that ends up on the album "Live At Paramount".
Matching Mole release: "Matching Mole".
Lou Reed release the self titled album "Lou Reed".
Tommy Bolin had left Zephyr but the band release one final album "Sunset Ride".
Captain Beyond a band fronted by ex Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans release their classic debut album simply called "Captain Beyond". This album is considered one of the masterpieces in 70's hard/progressive rock.
Aphrodites Child release: "666: Apocalypse of St John".
"Obscured by Clouds" by Pink Ployd a soundtrack to the Barbet Schroeder film "La Vallée" is released.
Roxy Music release their debut album "Roxy Music"
Khan the band fronted by soon to become famous guitar hero Steve Hillage, release their first and only album "Space Shanty".
Alice Cooper appears on "Top Of The Pops" performing "Schools Out".
Hard Stuff , a powertrio feauturing John Cann, Paul Hammond from Atomic Rooster and ex-Quatermass bass player John Gustafson release their debut album "Bulletproof".
Bloodrock release : "Bloodrock- Live".
Foghat feauturing ex Savoy Brown members release their debut album "Foghat". The album makes little impact in the charts but a single "I Just Want To Make Love To You" gained some radio-attention.
Soft Machine release : "Fifth".
John Lennon release : "Some Times In New York".
Jethro Tull release "Living In The Past", an album full of "old" tracks that had not appeared on their previous albums. It became a top 10 hit both in UK and USA.
Gentle Giant release: "Three Friends" the heaviest but also most sophisticated album so far in their carreer.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer : "Trilogy"
The album "School's Out" by Alice Cooper gets an Europeean release.
Rod Stewart release: "Never A Dull Moment".
Chicago release their fifth album "Chicago V".
Jefferson Airplane release : "Long John Silver".
Eagles release their debut album "Eagles" on June 1.
Doobie Brothers release: "Toulouse Street".
Van Morrison release: "St. Dominic's Preview".
Alice Cooper reaches number 1 in the UK singles charts with "Shcool's Out".
Mahavishnu Orchestra release: "Birds of Fire" one of the best jazz/rock albums of all time.
Black Sabbath release their "Vol.4". During the recording that took place in LA, large quantities of "drugs" was consumed and the band wanted to name the album "Snowblind" but the record company refused. Nevertheless it bacame a massive success.
Yes release the classic "Close To The Edge" album. This album is Often cited as the best "progressive" rock album of all time.
Budgie the Welsh powertrio release their classic second album "Squawk".
Family : "Bandstand"
Bo Hansson: "Lord Of The Rings"
Nektar : "A Tab In The Ocean"
Alice Cooper release yet another single "Elected". It becomes a gigantic hit.
Kinks release: "Everybody's In Showbiz" Mott The Hoople release: "All The Young Dudes". The single with the same title written by David Bowie becomes a massive hit.
Steeleye Span release: "Below the Salt".
Cat Stevens release: "Catch Bull At Four"
. Pentangle release: "Solomon's Seal".
Sandy Denny, vocalist in Fairport Convention release a solo album called "Sandy".
Bloodrock release: "Passage", a disappointing and lame album.
Genesis release "Foxtrot", an album where the band show their full potential for the first time.
Atomic Rooster : "Made In England"
Kingdom Come release: "Kingdom Come"
Renaissance : "Prologue"
German kraut rockers Can release : "Ege Bamyasi"
Stevie Wonder release : "Talking Book".
Man release the album "Be Good To Yourself At Least once A Day". The sleeve is very special with a two foot square fold-out "Man's Map of Wales" cleverly unfolding from the inside.
Steely Dan release: "Can´t Buy A Thrill".
Santana release: "Caravanserai" their last album with the original classic lineup.
Moody Blues release: "Seventh Sojourn". Savoy Brown release : "Lion´s Share".
Matching Mole release their second album this year: "Little Red Record".
One year after Duane Allmans death in a motorcycle accident, fellow Allman Brothers member, bassplayer Barry Oakley dies on Nov 11 after chrashing with his motorbike.
Alice Cooper plays his first concert in Sweden.
Danny Whitten, guitarist in Crazy Horse, dies on nov 18th
Uriah Heep release : "The Magicans Birthday" a quickly recorded followup to the massive hit album
"Demons & Wizards". This album is also well recived by the fans.
Frank Zappa release: "The Grand Wazoo"
Groundhogs enters the studio and records "Hogwash", their second album this year.
Lou Reed release: "Transformer".
Grateful Dead release: "Europe '72".
Joni Mitchell release: "For The Roses".
On November 24 Hawkwind release: "Doremi Fasol Latido".
Stackridge release : "Friendliness".
"Clear Spot", Captain Beefhearts second album in 1972 is released.
Thijs van Leer release: "Introspection", and becomes the second Focus member to relase a solo album.
The Edgar Winter Group with guitarist Ronnie Montrose stepping into Rick Derringer's shoes release "They Only Come out at Night". The album becomes a huge hit peaking at No 3 i the US charts. "Frankenstein" is released as a singel and becomes a monster hit reaching No 1 in the charts.
Road feauturing Noel Redding (ex. Jimi Hendrix) on bass release "Save Our Open Spaces".
Deep Purple release: "Made In Japan", one of the most classic live albums of all time. The production is superb, the band performance is remarkable and sets the standards for live albums in the years to come. Despite the huge succees, the atmosphere in the band is not perfect and both Ian Gillan and Roger Glover leaves the band in early 73.
Focus : "Focus 3"
Gentle Giant release : "Octopus" one of their most successful albums.
Status Quo release : "Piledriver", an album that reaches Top 10 and brakes the bands on a large scale.
Premiata Forneria Marconi release : "Per un amico".
Alex Harvey Band release : "Framed".
J.J. Cale release: "Really".
R E O Speedwagon release their second and by far best album simply called "Two".
Also happening in 1972:
April Wine relase their debut album "April Wine".
Argent releases the "All Together Now" album and gets a hit with the single "Hold Your Head Up".
After Duane Allmans tragic death in 71, Allman Brothers Band release "Eat A Peach" an album with both studio and live tracks.
Babe Ruth release: "First Base".
Bang release two albums the debut "Bang" and "Mother/Bow To The King"
Beggar´s Opera release: "Pathfinder"
The British "glam scene probably reaches its pinnacle with David Bowie releasing "Ziggy Stardust" in June.
T.Rex puts out "The Slider". SWEET release 4 singles that all becomes top 20 hits. They are surpassed by Slade who also release 4 singles that all reache Top 4 plus a number 1 album with "Slayed".
Dutch progressive/classical rock band Ekseption releases two albums "Not" and "Ekseption 5".
Ex Jethro Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams release: "At Last".
Barclay James Harvest release two studio albums "Baby James Harvest" and "Early Morning Onwards".
Australian rockers Buffalo release "Dead Forever". In the marketing campaign the record company Vertigo claims that it's better record than Sabbath's Vol 4. It's far from that.....
The Detroit-area band Brownswille Station release: "A Night On The Town".
Spirit guitaist Randy California release : "Kapt. Kopter and The Twirly Birds"
Grand Funk Railroad release: "Phoenix".
Grin the band feauturing guitarist Nils Lofgren release: "1+1".
Kingdom Come a band fronted by Arthur Brown , well known for his hit "Fire" in the late 60's release their second and self titled album "Kingdom Come".
Jerusalem releases their self titled debut album, produced by Ian Gillan.
Joe Walsh leaves James Gang. They release two of their weakest albums "Straight Shooter" and "Passin Thru" after that.
Dust the American progressive "proto-metal" band release their second album "hard Attack".
"Burgers", Hot Tuna's third album is released.
San Franscisco Bay Area-based It's a Beautiful Day release "Live at Carnegie Hall".
Jericho, released a self-titled album.
Patto release : "Roll ´em, Smoke ´em Put Another Line Out".
Ten Years After released two disappointing and tame albums "Rock´n´ Roll Music To The World" and "Alvin Lee & Company".
Zz Top release their second album "Rio Grande Mud".
Paladin relese their sublime second album "Charge". The Canadian power-trio Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush release their debut album "Maxoom".
Dutch band Golden Earring release: "Together"
Manfred Mann's Earth Band releases two album this year, the self titled debut album and "Glorified Magnified". On the latter the music is gradually getting heavier.
Ex Canned Heat guitarplayer Harvey Mandel puts out two albums "The Snake" and "Get Off In Chicago".
After their breakup i 71, Free came back and released "At Last". The album reached top 10 in the UK charts.
Nitzinger release their second album "One Foot in History".
Canadian band A Foot In Coold Water release their debut album.
Jade Warrior release : "Last Autumn´s Dream" Italian progressive rock Banco del Mutuo Soccorso band release their first two albums "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso" and "Darwin" an album considered to be Italy's first concept album.
Fellow Italian "proggers" albeit in a much heavier style Balletto Di Bronzo release their second album "Ys".
Curved Air release : "Phantasmagoria"
Chick Corea the jazz keyboardist released the album "Return To Forever" which also became the name of his new band. Later the same year they released "Light as a Feather".
The Edgar Broughton Band release : "Inside Out"
Jan Akkerman guitarist with the Dutch band Focus released his first self titled solo album.
Goodthunder release the classic but sadly forgotten debut album simply called "Goodthunder".
Brian Auger release the 3rd Oblivion Express Album : "Second Wind".
Flash release: "In The Can", their second album this year.
Amazing Blondel release: "England".
CCS feuturing among others British blues giant Alexis Korner relased ther second album "CCS 2".
Nektar release their debut: "Journey To The Centre Of The Eye".
Former Mountain guitarist Leslie West and drummer Corky Laing team up with legendary Cream bassplayer Jack Bruce. They call themselves West, Bruce & Laing and release their debut album "Why Dontcha".
Climax Blues Band release: "Rich Man"
Carlos Santana teams up with drummer Buddy Miles and release: "Santana and Buddy Miles Live"
Warhorse release their second and last album "Red Sea".
Skin Alley release their third album "Two Quid Deal".
Thin Lizzy release their second album "Shades Of A Blue Orphanage".
Ursa Major release : "Ursa Major"
ElO's selftitled debut is released in USA with a new title "No Answer".
ELF a band feauturing vocalist Ronald Padavona, later known as Ronnie James Dio release their debut album "ELF".
Nazareth release their second album "Exercises", still without any major success.
Freedom's final outing "Is More Than a Word" is released.
Rare Earth release "Willie Remembers", their fifth album in 3 years.
Vinegar Joe release their second album simply called "Vinegar Joe".
Jane release their debut album "Together".
Silverhead release the self titled debut on Purple Records.
Pink Fairies release their second album "What A Bunch Of Sweeties"
Trapeze release : "You Are the Music We're Just the Band".
Steamhammer release their last album "Speech"
. Wild Turkey fronted by ex Jethro Tull bassplayer Glenn Cornik release "Turkey".
Stephen Stills release "Manassas"
...Meanwhile in Germany :
Birth Control relase: "Hoodo Man". Neu release their debut album.
Faust relases "Faust So far"
Yatha Sidhra release "A Meditation Mass" Triumvirat release "Mediterranean Tales"
Tiger B. Smith release : "Tiger Rock".
Klaus Schulze release : "Irrlicht"
Scorpions release : "Lonesome Crow"
Hoelderlin release : "Traum"
Message release: "The Dawn Anew Is Coming"
Lucifer´s Friend release: "..where The Groupies.."
Kraan release their debut album.
Kraftwerk release: "Kraftwerk 2".
Grobschnitt release : "Grobschnitt" Guru Guru release : "Kan Guru"
Frumpy release : "Live"
Embryo release two albums "Father Son & Holy Ghost..." and "Steig Aus!"
Ash Ra Tempel release two albums "Schwingungen" and "Seven-Up"
..and in Scandinavia:
Bo Hansson release : "Ur Trollkarlens Hatt".
Björn J:son Lindh release : "Cous Cous"
November release : "6 November"
Ragnarok is formed, they played an instrumental progressive "soft" rock
Asoka release : "Asoka".
Fläsket Brinner release: "Fläsket"
Danish band Alrune Rod release: "Alrune Rock"
. Aunt Mary release "Loaded"
Prudence release "Tomorrow may be Vanished"
Popol Vuh/Ace release their debut album.
Tasavalan Presidentti feauturing the superb guitarist Jukka Toolonen release "Lambert Land".
Titanic release "Sea Wolf"
Album Releases 1972

2066 and Then - Reflections On The Future
9 30 Fly -9 30 Fly
A Foot In Coold Water -A Foot In Coold Water
Abacus - Everything You Need
Abacus - Just a Day's Journey Away
Agitation Free - Malesch
Al Stewart - Orange
Alabama State Troupers -Alabama State Troupers ...
Alan Sorrenti - Aria
Alice Cooper - School's Out
Allman Brothers Band -Eat A Peach
Alluminogeni - Scolopendra
Alrune Rod - Alrune Rock
Amazing Blondel -England
American Spring -American Spring
Amish - Amish
Amon Duul 2 -Carnival In Babylon
Amon Duul 2 -Wolf City
Amon Düül 2 - Live In London
Analogy - Analogy
Anders F. Rönnblom - Ramlösa Kvarn
Anette Peacock - I´m The One
Ange -Caricatures
Anne Murray - Annie
Annexus Quam - Beziehungen
Anonima Sound Ltd -Red Tape Machine
Antonio Carlos Jobim -Jobim
Antrobus - Buried Together
Aphrodites Child -666
April Wine - On Record
Argent -All Together Now
Arthur Brown -Kingdom Come
Arthur Lee - Vindicator
Asgard -In The Realm of Asgard
Ash Ra Tempel - Join Inn
Ash Ra Tempel -Schwingungen
Ash Ra Tempel -Seven-Up
Atlantis -Atlantis
Atomic Rooster -Made In England
Aunt Mary - Loaded
Aztec Two-Step - Aztec Two-Step
Babe Ruth -First Base
Balletto Di Bronzo-Ys
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Darwin!
Band - Rock Of Ages: Live In Concert
Bang - Bang
Bang - Mother / Bow To The King
Barclay James Harvest -Baby James Harvest
Beggar´s Opera -Pathfinder
Bette Midler - The Divine Miss M
Billy Cox's Nitro Function - s/t
Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs - Live(At Melbourne Town Hall)
Birth Control -Hoodo Man
Björn Json Lindh -Cous Cous
Black Sabbath - Vol 4
Blood, Sweat & Tears -New Blood
Bloodrock -Live
Bloodrock -Passage
Bloodrock -U.S.A.
Blue Öyster Cult - Blue Öyster Cult
Blå Tåget -Brustna Hjärtans Hotell
Bo Hansson - Ur Trollkarlens Hatt
Bob Seger - Smokin' OP's
Bodkin - Bodkin
Boot - Boot
Bown Andy -Gone To My Head
Brainstorm - Smile A While
Brainticket - Psychonaut
Bram Stoker -Heavy Rock Spectacular
Bread -Baby I´m A Want You
Bread -Guitar Man
Brian Auger -A Better Land
Brian Auger -Second Wind
Brownsville Station -A Night On The Town
Budgie - Squawk
Buffalo - Dead Forever
Bullangus - Free For All
Cactus - 'Ot 'N'Sweaty
Can - Ege Bamyasi
Cane White -The Great White Cane
Capitolo 6 - Frutti Per Kagua
Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Caravan -Waterloo Lily
Cargo - Cargo
Carly Simon -No Secrets
Cat Stevens -Catch Bull At Four
Catapilla - Changes
CCS -Ccs 2
Charlee -Charlee
Cheech & Chong - Big Bambu
Cheech & Chong - Cheech & Chong
Chicago -Chicago 5
Chick Corea and Return To Forever -Light as a Feather
Chick Corea and Return To Forever -Return to Forever
Chicken Shack - Imagination Lady
Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father
Chi-Lites -A Lonely Man
Chilliwack - All Over You
Chirco -Visitation
Chuck Berry - The London Session
Circus 2000 - An Escape From A Box
Climax Blues Band -Rich Man
Cornelis Vreeswijk - Visor, svarta och röda
Cosmic Travellers - Live! At The Spring Crater Celebration. Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii
Cream -Live Cream, Vol 2
Culpeper's Orchard - Second Sight
Curtis Mayfield -Superfly
Curved Air -Phantasmagoria
Dark - Round The Edges
David Bowie -Ziggy Stardust
David Peel & The Lower East Side - The Pope Smokes Dope
Deep Purple - Machine Head
Deep Purple - Made In Japan
Deodato -Prelude
Dolly Parton - Just The Way I Am
Dolly Parton - My Favorite Songwriter: Porter Wagoner
Dolly Parton - The Right Combination/Burning The Midnight Oil
Dolly Parton - Together Always
Dolly Parton - Touch Your Woman
Domenic Troiano -Domenic Troiano
Don Cherry -Organic Music
Don McLean - American Pie
Donny Osmond - My Best To You
Doobie Brothers -Toulouse Street
Dschinn - Dschinn
Dust - Hard Attack
Eagles -Eagles
Earth, Wind And Fire -Last Days And Times
Edgar Broughton Band -Inside Out
Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out At Night
Ekseption -00.04
Ekseption -Ekseption 5
Electric Sandwich -Electric Sandwich
Elf -Elf
Elton John -Honky Chateau
Elvis Presley - Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden
Elvis Presley - Elvis Now
Elvis Presley - He Touched Me
Embryo -Father Son & Holy Ghost... -Steig Aus!
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Trilogy
Family -Bandstand
Faust -So Far
Flash -Flash
Flash -In The Can
Flea - Topi o Uomini
Fleetwood Mac - Bare Trees
Flied Egg - Dr.Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine
Flied Egg - Good Bye
Flower Travellin' Band - Made In Japan
Fludd -Fludd
Fläsket Brinner - Fläsket
Focus - Focus 3
Foghat -Foghat
Frame -Frame of Mind
Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo
Frank Zappa -Another Band From L.A.
Fred Åkerström - Två Tungor
Free - Free At Last
Freedom -Is More Than a Word
Frumpy - By The Way
Frumpy -Live
Funkadelic -America Eats Its Young
Gary Glitter - Glitter
Garybaldi - Nuda
Gasolin' - Gasolin' 2
Genesis - Foxtrot
Gentle Giant - Octopus
Gentle Giant - Three Friends
Gift - s/t
Gila -Nightworks
Ginger Baker -Stratavarious
Glencoe - Glencoe
Gnidrolog -Lady Lake
Golden Earring -Together
Goliath - Hot Rock & Thunder
Gomorrha - I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was
Goodthunder - Goodthunder
Gordon Parks - Shaft´s Big Score
Gracious -This Is...Gracious
Grand Funk Railroad -Phoenix
Grateful Dead - Europe '72
Green Bullfrog -Green Bullfrog
Grin -1+1
Grin -All Out
Grobschnitt -Grobschnitt
Groundhogs -Hogwash
Groundhogs -Who Will Save The World
Guess Who -Live At Paramount
Guru Guru -Kan Guru
Gypsy -Antithesis
Halfnelson - Halfnelson
Hard Stuff - Bulletproof
Harry Nilsson -Son Of Schmilsson
Harvey Mandel -Get Off In Chicago
Harvey Mandel -The Snake
Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido
Heads Hands & Feet -Tracks
Hector - Nostalgia
Help Yourself -Beware The Shadow
Help Yourself -Strange Affair
Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money
Hoelderlin -Traum
Hokus Pokus -Hokus Pokus
Home -Home
Hookfoot -Good Times A´comin
Hoola Bandoola Band - Vem kan man lita på?
Hot Tuna -Burgers
Howl The Good - Howl The Good
Humble Pie -Smokin
Hurdy Gurdy -Hurdy Gurdy
I Drive - s/t
I Teoremi - I Teoremi
Icarus -The Marvel World Of Ica...
Ike & Tina Turner Revue
Isley Brothers - Brother, Brother, Brother
It's a Beautiful Day -Live at Carnegie Hall
J.Geils Band -Live Full House
J.J. Cale -Really
Jacula - Tardo pede in magiam versus
Jade Warrior - Last Autumn's Dream
James Gang -Passin Thru
James Gang -Straight Shooter
Jan Akkerman -Jan Akkerman
Jane - Together
Janis Joplin -In Concert
Janus -Gravedigger
Jeff Beck -Jeff Beck Group
Jefferson Airplane -Long John Silver
Jericho (Israel) - Jericho
Jeronimo -Time Ride
Jerry Lee Lewis - Who´s Gonna Play This Old Piano
Jerry Lee Lewis - Would You Take Another Chance On Me
Jerry Lee Lewis - The Killer Rocks On
Jerusalem - Jerusalem
Jet - Fede speranza carità
Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick
Jim Capaldi-Oh! How We Danced
Joe Walsh - Barnstorm
John Denver -Rocky Mountain High
John Lennon/Yoko Ono - Some Time in New York City
Johnny Cash - A Thing Called Love
Johnny Cash - America: A 200-Year Salute in Story and Song
Johnny Paycheck - Somebody To Give My Love To
Johnny Winter - About The Blues
Joni Mitchell -For The Roses
Jukin´Bone -Whiskey Woman
Jumbo - DNA
Keef Hartley -72nd Brave
Khan - Space Shanty
Kin Ping Meh - No. 2
King Crimson - Earthbound
Kirka - Nykyaikaa
Kjell Höglund - Blomstertid
Klaus Schulze -Irrlicht
Kraan -Kraan
Kraftwerk -Kraftwerk 2
Kravetz - Kravetz
Kris Kristofferson - Border Lord
Kris Kristofferson - Jesus Was a Capricorn
Lagger Blues Machine - Tanit
Larry Coryell -Introducing Larry Coryell
Larry Coryell -Offering
Latte e Miele - Passio secundum Mattheum
Le Orme - Uomo di Pezza
Leon Russel -Carney
Linda Lewis -Lark
Little Jimmy Osmond - Killer Joe
Little Richard - The Second Coming
Long John Baldry -Everything Stops For Te...
Loretta Lynn- Alone With You
Lou Reed - Transformer
Lou Reed -Lou Reed
Lucifer's Friend - Where The Groupies Killed The Blues
Magic Carpet -Magic Carpet
Mahogany Brain - Smooth Sick Lights
Man -Be Good To Yourself At least Once A Day
Man -Live At Padget Rooms
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Glorified Magnified
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Mark-Almond -Mark-almond 2
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man
Master's Apprentices -A Toast to Panama Red
Matching Mole - Little Red Record
Matching Mole -Matching Mol
Matrix - Matrix
Melanie - Stoneground Words
Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs
Mendoza - s/t
Merit Hemmingson - Trollskog
Message -The Dawn Anew Is Coming
Metamorfosi - ..e fu il sesto giorno
Mick Abrahams -At Last
Middle Of The Road - Acceleration
Middle Of The Road - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
Mikael Ramel - Till dej
Moloch - s/t
Monica Törnell -Ingica
Moody Blues -Seventh Sojourn
Mott The Hoople -All The Young Dudes
Mountain -The Road Goes On ...
Moving Gelatine Plates - The World of Genius Hans
Mystic Moods - Love The One You´re With
Mythos - Mythos
Nationalteatern - Ta det som ett löfte.....ta det inte som ett hot
Nazareth -Exercises
Necronomicon - Tips zum Selbstmord
Neil Young - Harvest
Nektar - A Tab In The Ocean
Neu! - Neu!
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Night Sun - Mournin'
Nitzinger - One Foot In History
November - 6:e November
NQB - Two Sides Of NQB
Nuova Idea - Mr E. Jones
Nynningen - Man Mognar Med Åren
O´Jays -Back Stabbers
Odin -Odin
Ohio Players -Pleasure
Old Man & The Sea - The Old Man & The Sea
Omega - Élõ Omega
Orange Peel -Orange Peel
Osage Tribe - Arrow Head
Osanna - Palepoli
Osmonds - Crazy Horses
Paese dei Balocchi - Il Paese dei Balocchi
Paladin - Charge!
Paternoster - Paternoster
Patto -Roll ´em, Smoke ´em Put...
Paul Simon - Paul Simon
Pell Mell - Marburg
Peps Persson - The Week Peps Came To Chicago
Perigeo - Azimut
Philemon Arthur & the Dung - s/t
Pilot -Pilot
Pink Fairies -What A Bunch Of Sweeties
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds
Poco - A Good Feeling To Know
Poobah - Let Me In
Pooh - Alessandra
Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra
Popol Vuh - In Den Gärten Pharaos
Popol Vuh(Norge) -Popol Vuh
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - Per un Amico
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - Storia di un Minuto
Pretty Things - Freeway Madness
Procession - Frontiera
Procul Harum -Live
Prudence -Two Originals
Pugh Rogefeldt - Hollywood
Quella Vecchia Locanda - Quella Vecchia Locanda
Quicksilver Messenger Service -Comin´ Thru
Quintessence -Indweller
R E O Speedwagon -Two
Randy California - Kaptain Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds
Rare Bird -Epic Forest
Rare Earth -Willie Remembers
Rascals -The Island Of Real
Red Wilder Blue Red Wilder Blue
Renaissance -Prologue
Road -Save Our Open Spaces
Rolling Stones -Exile On Main Street
Rory Gallagher -Live in Europe
Rovescio Della Medaglia - Io Come Io
Roxy Music - Roxy Music
Roy Wood - Boulders
Sandrose -Sandrose
Santana & Miles -Santana and Buddy Miles Live
Santana -Caravanserai
Savage Rose - Dödens Triumf
Savage Rose -Babylon
Savoy Brown -Hellbound Train
Savoy Brown -Lion´s Share
Scorpions - Lonesome Crow
Seanor & Koss - Seanor & Koss
Seconda Genesi - Tutto deve finire
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Framed
Shangri-Las-Leader Of The Pack
Showmen - Showmen 2
Silverhead -Silverhead
Skin Alley -Two Quid Deal
Slade - Slayed?
Slade -Alive
Slowbone Live at The Greyhound
Soft Machine -Fifth
Solar Plexus - s/t
Sopwith Camel -The Miraculous Hump Ret...
Southern Comfort -Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort -Stir Don´t Shake
Space Farm - s/t
Speed, Glue and Shinki - Speed, Glue and Shinki
Spirogyra -Old Boot Wine
Splash - Ut På Vischen
Split Ends - Split Ends
Spontaneous Combustion -Spontaneous Combustion
Spontaneous Combustion -Triad
SRC -Lost Masters
Stack Waddy -Bugger Off
Stackridge -Friendliness
Status Quo -Piledriver
Steamhammer -Speech
Steel Mill - Green Eyed God
Steely Dan -Can´t Buy A Thrill
Stephen Stills/Manassas - Manassas
Stevie Wonder -Music Of My Mind
Stevie Wonder -Talking Book
Stomu Yamash´ta -Floating Music
Stomu Yamash´ta -The Man From The East
Stone The Crows -´ontinues Perfomance
Stories - s/t
Strawbs -Grave New World
Stray -Saturday Morning Pictures
String Driven Thing -String Driven Thing
Stud -September
Styx - Styx
Subject Esq -Subject Esq
Supersister -Pudding and Gisteren
Sutherland Brothers - Lifeboat
Sutherland Brothers - Sutherland Brothers Band
T.Rex - The Slider
Tammy Wynette - Me and the First Lady
Tangerine Dream - Atem
Tangerine Dream -Zeit
Tanya Tucker - Delta Dawn
Tarkus - s/t
Tasavallan Presidentti - Lambertland
Ted Gärdestad - Undringar
Temptations -All Directions
Ten Years After - Alvin Lee & Company.
Ten Years After -Rock n' Roll Music To The World
Terry Dewey -Chief
Thin Lizzy - Shades Of A Blue Orphanage
Tiger B. Smith -Tiger Rock
Time - Time
Titanic -Sea Wolf
Toad - Toad
Toad - Tomorrow Blue
Todd Rundgren -Something/Anything
Tomas Ledin - Restless Mind
Tony Joe White -The Train I´m On
Tower of Power - Bump City
Tractor -Tractor
Trapeze -You Are The Music..We´re just the band
Trip - Atlantide
Triumvirat -Mediterranean Tales (Ac...
Träd, Gräs & Stenar - Djungelns Lag
Tyburn Tall -Tyburn Tall
Udo Lindenberg - Daumen Im Wind
UFO - Live
Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards
Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday
Ursa Major - Ursa Major
Wallenstein -Mother Universe
Walpurgis -Queen of Saba
Van Morrison - Saint Dominic's Preview
War -The World Is a Ghetto
Warhorse - Red Sea
Warm Dust -Warm Dust
Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Waylon Jennings - Ladies Love Outlaws
West, Bruce & Laing -Why Dontcha
Wild Turkey -Turkey
Wind -Morning
Vinegar Joe -Vinegar Joe
Wishbone Ash - Argus
Xhol Caravan -Motherfuckers GMBH & Co...
Yes - Close To The Edge
Yes - Fragile
Zephyr -Sunset Ride
ZZ Top -Rio Grande Mud
Älgarnas Trädgård - Framtiden är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden