Album Releases - 1974
Album Releases 1974
10CC- Sheet Music
A Foot In Cold Water- Or All Around Us
Abba- Waterloo
Ace- Five-A-Side
Acqua Fragile- Mass Media Stars
Aerosmith- Get Your Wings
Allusa Fallax- Intorno alla mia cattiva educazione
Alphonse Mouzon- Mind Transplant
Alrune Rod- 4-Vejs
America- Holiday
Amon Duul 2- Hi Jack
Andy Mackay- In Search Of Eddie Riff
Ange- Au-Delá du Délire
April Wine- Live
Area- Caution Radiation Area
Argent- Encore
Argent- Nexus
Arktis- S/T
Arti & Mestieri- Tilt
Atlantis- Ooh Baby
Atoll- Musiciens Et Magiciens
Bachman Turner Overdrive- Not Fragile
Bad Company- S/T
Badger- White Lady
Baker Gurwitz Army- The Baker Gurwitz Army
Barclay James Harvest- Everyone Is Everybody Else
Barclay James Harvest- Live
Barefoot Jerry- Watchin' TV
Barry White- Can't Get Enough
Barry White- Together Brothers
Beach Boys- Endless Summer
Be-Bop Deluxe- Axe Victim
Bee Gees- Mr. Natural
Beggars Opera- Sagittary
Betty Davis- They Say I'm Different
Biglietto Per l'Inferno- S/T
Bill Wyman- Monkey Grip
Billy Cobham- Crosswinds
Billy Cobham- Shabazz
Billy Cobham- Total Eclipse
Birth Control- Live
Björn Afzelius- Vem Är Det Som Är Rädd?
Björn J:son Lindh- Boogie Woogie
Black Oak Arkansas- Street Party
Blue Öyster Cult- Secret Treaties
Blå Tåget- Slowfox
Bob Dylan- Before The Flood
Bob Dylan- Planet Waves
Bob Marley & the Wailers- Natty Dread
Bob Seger- Seven
Brainticket- Celestial Ocean
Brian Auger- Straight Ahead
Brian Eno- Here Come The Warm Jets
Brian Eno- Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
Brownsville Station- School Punks
Bryan Ferry- Another Time, Another Place
Budgie- In For The Kill
Buffalo- Only Want You For Your Body
Bulldog- Smasher
Burning Spear- Rocking Time
Camel- Mirage
Can- Soon Over Babaluma
Captain Beefheart- Unconditionally Guaranteed
Caravan- The New Symphonia
Carmen- Dancing on a Cold Wind
Cat Stevens- Buddha & The Chocolate Box
Cheech & Chong- Cheech & Chong's Wedding Album
Chicago- Chicago VII
Chicken Schack- Live
Chi-Lites- Toby
Christian Vander- Wurdah Itah
Climax Blues Band- Sense Of Direction
Cockney Rebel- The Psychomodo
Code III- Planet of Man
Colin Blunstone- Journey
Companion- Reap of The Lost Dreamers
Creative Source- Migration
Crosscut Saw- Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know
Curtis Mayfield- Got To Find A Way
Cyrille Verdeaux- Delired Cameleon Family
Darryl Way's Wolf- Night Music
Dave Liebman- Lookout Farm
David Allan Coe- Once Upon A Rhyme
David Allan Coe- The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy
David Bowie- David Live
David Bowie- Diamond Dogs
Deep Purple- Burn
Deep Purple- Stormbringer
Dolly Parton- Jolene
Dolly Parton- Love Is Like A Butterfly
Dolly Parton- Porter 'n' Dolly
Donna Fargo- All About A Feeling
Donna Summer- Lady Of The Night
Doobie Brothers- What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits
Eagles- On The Border
Edgar Froese- Aqua
Edgar Winter- Shock Treatment
Eduardo Bort- S/T
Egg- Civil Surface
Ekseption- Bingo
Electric Eels- S/T
Electric Flag- The Band Kept Playing
Elf- Carolina County Ball
Elo- Eldorado
Eloy- Floating
Elton John- Caribou
Elvis Presley- As Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis
Elvis Presley- Good Times
Embryo- This Is Embryo
Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Welcome Back My Friends…
Energy- S/T
Epitaph- Outside The Law
Epsilon- Off
Eric Clapton- 461 Ocean Blvd.
Esperanto- Danse Macabre
Focus- Hamburger Concerto
Foghat- Energized
Foghat- Rock And Roll Outlaw
Frampton Peter- Something's Happening
Frank Zappa- Apostrophe (')
Frank Zappa- Roxy & Elsewhere
Frumpy- By The Way
Fruup- Prince of Heavens Eyes
Fruup- Seven Secrets
Funkadelic- Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
Gasolin'- Stakkels Jim
Gene Page- Hot City
Genesis- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Gentle Giant- The Power And The Glory
Geordie- Don't Be Fooled By The Name
George Harrison- Dark Horse
George Mccrae- Rock Your Baby
Gift- Blue Apple
Gil Evans- Plays Jimi Hendrix
Gino Vannelli- Powerful People
Glitter Band- Hey!
Golden Earring- Switch
Gong- You
Good Rats- Tasty
Graham Nash- Wild Tales
Grand Funk Railroad- All The Girls In The Beware
Grand Funk Railroad- Shinin On
Grateful Dead- Grateful Dead From The mars Hotel
Gravy Train- Staircase To The Day
Greenslade- Spyglass Guest
Grobschnitt- Ballermann
Groundhogs- Solid
Gryphon- Midnight Mushrumps
Gryphon- Red Queen To Gryphon Three
Hackensack- Up the Hardway
Hall & Oates- War Babies
Harald Hedning- S/T
Harmonium- S/T
Harry Nilsson- Pussy Cats
Harry Nilsson- Son Of Dracula
Hatfield And The North- S/T
Hawkwind- Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Headstone- Bad Habbits
Heavy Metal Kids- S/T
Henry Cow- Unrest
Horslips- Dancehall Sweethearts
Humble Pie- Thunderbox
Hurriganes- Roadrunner
Höst- På Sterke Vingar
Ibis- Sun Supreme
If- Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces
Il Volo- S/T
Isaac Hayes- Though Guys
Isotope- Illusion
Isotope- S/T
J. Geils Band- Live From Germany
J.D. Blackfoot- The Song of Crazy Horse
J.J. Cale- Okie
Jack Bruce- Out Of The Storm
Jackson Browne- Late For The Sky
Jade Warrior- Floating World
James Brown- Hell
James Brown- Reality
James Gang- Miami
James Newton Howard- S/T
Jane- Jane III
Janne Schaffer- Andra Lp
Janne Schaffer- The Chinese
Jazz Composer's Orchestra- Echoes Of Prayer
Jethro Tull- War Child
Jim Capaldi- Wahle Meat Again
Jimmy Cliff- Music Maker
Jo Jo Gunne- So..Where's The Show
Joe Walsh- So What
Johhny Winter- John Dawson Winter 3
Johhny Winter- Saints And Sinners
John Abercombie- Timeless
John Denver- Back Home Again
John Lennon- Walls And Bridges
Johnny Cash- Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me
Johnny Cash- Ragged Old Flag
Jon Lord- Windows
Joni Mitchell- Court and Spark
Judas Priest- Rocka Rolla
Jukka Tolonen- The Hook
Kansas- S/T
Karthago- Rock'n'roll Testament
Kayak- S/T
KC & the Sunshine Band- Do It Good
Kevin Ayers- Confessions Of Dr. Dream
Kevin Ayers- June 1st, 1974
Kin Ping Meh- Virtues & Sins
King Crimson- Red
King Crimson- Starless And Bible Black
Kinks- Preservation Act 2
Kiss- Hotter Than Hell
Kiss- S/T
Kjell Höglund- Baskervilles Hund
Klaus Schulze- Blackdance
Kool and the Gang- Light Of Worlds
Kopperfield- Tales Untold
Kraan- Andy Nogger
Kraftwerk- Autobahn
Kris Kristofferson- Breakaway
Kris Kristofferson- Spooky Lady's Slideshow
Le Orme- Contrappunti
Left End- Spoiled Rotten
Leviathan- S/T
Lift- Caverns of Your Brain
Lighthouse- Can You Feel It
Little Feat- Feats Don't Fail Me Now
Loggins and Messina- On Stage
Lou Reed- Rock'n Roll Animal
Lou Reed- Sally Can't Dance
Lucifer's Friend- Banquet
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Second Helping
M Efekt Nová Syntéza 2
Magma- Köhntarkösz
Mahavishnu Orchestra- Apocalypse
Mahogany Rush- Child of the Novelty
Malo- Ascention
Man- Rhinos, Whinos + Lunatics
Man- Slow Motion
Manfred Mann's Earth Band- The Good Earth
Marshall Tucker Band- Where We All Belong
Marvin Gaye- Live
Michael Fennelly- Lane Changer
Mick Ronson- Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Mikael Ramel- Extra Vagansa
Mike Oldfield- Hergest Ride
Modry Efekt- Modrý Efekt a Radim Hladík
Montrose- Paper Money
Mott The Hoople- Live
Mott The Hoople- The Hoople
Mountain- Avalanche
Mountain- Twin Peaks
Murple- Io sono Murple
Nationalteatern- Livet Är En Fest
Nature- Earthmover
Nazareth- Loud 'n' Proud
Nazareth- Rampant
Neil Merryweather- Space Rangers
Neil Young- On The Beach
Nektar- Down To Earth
Neon Rose- A Dream Of Glory And Pride
Neon Rose- Two
New York Dolls- Too Much, Too Soon
Nynningen- S/T
Ola Magnell- Påtalåtar
Olivia Newton-John- If You Love Me, Let Me Know
Omega- 200 Years After The Last War
Omega- III
Osibisa- Osibirock
Pandora- Measures Of Time
Peps Blodsband- Blodsband
Peter Hammill- In Camera
Peter Hammill- The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage
Phantom's Divine Comedy- Part 1
Pilot- From The Album Of The S…
Popol Ace- Stolen From Time
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)- Cook (a.k.a "Live In USA")
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)- L'isola di niente
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)- The World Became The World (English Version of L'isola di niente)
Procession- Fiaba
Procul Harum- Exotic Birds & Fruit
Pugh Rogefeldt- Bolla Och Rulla
Queen- Queen II
Queen- Sheer Heart Attack
Quella Vecchia Locanda- Il Tempo Della Giola
Quicksand- Home Is Where I Belong
Raspberries- Starting Over
Refugee- S/T
Renaissance- Turn Of The Cards
REO Speedwagon- Lost In A Dream
Rick Derringer- All American Boy
Rick Wakeman- Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Ringo Starr- Goodnight Vienna
Risken Finns- S/T
Robert Calvert- Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters
Robert Palmer- Sneakin' sally Through The Alley
Robert Wyatt- Rock Bottom
Robin Thrower- Bridge Of Sighs
Roger Glover- The Butterfly Ball
Rolling Stones- It's Only Rock'n Roll
Ron Wood- I've Got My Own Album
Rory Gallagher- Irish Tour '74
Ross- S/T
Ross- The Pit And The Pendulum
Roxy Music- Country Life
Rufus- Rage to Rufus
Rush- S/T
Saga (Det svenska bandet)- S/T
Sailor- S/T
Samla Mammas Manna- Klossa Knapitatet
Santana- Borboletta
Santana Carlos- Illuminations
Santana- Lotus
Satin Whale- Desert Places
Savage Rose- In The Plain
Savoy Brown- Boogie Brothers
Scorpions- Fly To The Rainbow
Secret Oyster- Sea Son
Sensational Alex Harvey Band- The Impossible Dream
Sensory System- S/T
Shuggie Otis- Inspiration Information
Slade- Slade In Flame
Snafu- S/T
Snafu- Situation Normal
Soft Machine- Seven
Solar Plexus- Det Är Inte Båten Som Gungar, Det Är Havet Som Rör Sig
Souther, Hillman & Furay Band- S/T
Sparks- Kinono My House
Sparks- Propaganda
Spooky Tooth- The Mirror
Stackridge- The Man In The Bowler Hat (a.k.a. Pinafore Days)
Starry Eyed And Laughing- S/T
Stary Dog- While You're Down There
Status Quo- Quo
Steely Dan- Pretzel Logic
Stepson- S/T
Stevie Wonder- Fulfillingness' First Finale
Stevie Wright- Hard Road
Stomu Yamash'ta- One By One
Stonewall- Stoner
Storm- The Storm
Stormwarning- Storm
Strawbs- Hero And Heroine
Stray- Move It
String Driven Thing- Please Mind Your Health
Styx- Man of Miracles
Sugarloaf- Spaceship Earth
Supersister- Spiral Staircase
Supertramp- Crime Of The Century
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver- Beat Of The Street
Suzi Quatro- Quatro
Sweet- Desolation Bouleward
Sweet- Fanny Adams
T.Rex- Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow
Tammy Wynette- Another Lonely Song
Tammy Wynette- Woman To Woman
Tangerine Dream- Phaedra
Tanya Tucker- Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
Tasavalan Presidentti- Milky Way Moses
Tavares- Check It Out
Tears- S/T
Ted Gärdestad- Upptåg
Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes- Tooth, Fang & Claw
Thin Lizzy- Night Life
Three Man Army- Mahesta
Three Man Army- Two
Tiger B. Smith- We're The Tiger Bunch
Todd Rundgren- Todd
Tom Waits- The Heart Of Saturday Night
Trace- S/T
Traffic- When The Eagle Flies
Trapeze- Hot Wire
Trettioåriga Kriget- S/T
Ufo- Phenomeon
Uriah Heep- Wonderworld
Utopia- Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Van Morrison- It's Too Late To Stop Now
Van Morrison- Veedon Fleece
Waylon Jennings- The Ramblin' Man
Waylon Jennings- This Time
West, Bruce & Laing- Live 'n' Kickin
Willie Nelson- Phases And Stages
Wishbone Ash- There's The Rub
Yes- Relayer
Zzebra- S/T